Monday, 3 November 2014

Enhance BTO Networking

A new house, a new blog, a new start!

A few months back, I was waiting anxiously for the key collection of our BTO flat with my husband at Floral Spring! Fortunately, renovations and all were well planned and proceeded on without any delay hence allowing us to move in September 2014 :) However, there was a huge problem that IT idiots like both my husband and I faced after moving in!!! !@#$%^&*() 


1) Although the BTO flats came with Network Cables all over the home BUT the points was not laid as data point instead it was laid for telephone point. (There is only 1 default data point provided in the living room area where the TV usually is). This simply means that every room is cabled up but are terminated with a telephone jack (RJ11) and not a network RJ45. This is how it looks like originally:

2) The end points for such ports are housed in an utility box which contains the fibre optic ONT point. The photo shows the utility box:

3) My telephone point by default is hidden together with this utility box -,-!

Basically the point in the utility box is connected to the default data point which is located in the living room where the TV usually is as I mentioned earlier on. Therefore with only one data point available by default, our whole house used the wireless instead! Sounds like a good plan BUT it was screwed!!!!!! WHY? The wireless signal was super weak!! I actually got advises from friends and family saying that having an additional router would improve the signal. Fortunately for me, I was recommended by a friend to XtremeNetworking which really provided me with professional advice and most importantly COST CUTTING in the long run. 

Recommended advice from XtremeNetworking was to convert the telephone points to Data points. From what I understand so far (pardon me if I'm wrong as i'm an IT idiot hahah!) the benefits are,

1) Direct Wired internet connection
2) Enjoy maximum speed for what I have signed up for (wireless does not do so)
3) Stable connectivity
4) Able to have telephone out of the box

So, I decided to take up recommendation and engage their service! To be honest, I was very satisfied with the results from the owner of the company who is friendly and approachable!! :D

So this was what he had done for me previously,

1) Replaced original telephone points from RJ11 to RJ45 so as to convert to data points.

While he is removing the current points, I have a choice to choose from between a normal branding (berlite) or a 3M brand for the material to be used (for the module and faceplate)!! Definitely the cost of changing is higher but well, since the data point is for long term usage why not invest in something that is of a better quality?? Also the price difference is not v huge! It definitely beats if a normal quality brand come failing you after a short term usage hahaha! I mean ultimately it's still up to your own preference! Not an obligation to upgrade :)

After less than 45mins of wait..... for 3 Data points convert....... TADAAAAAAAA here it goes!!!

The waiting time and total cost quoted by the owner also includes the working on the utility box! No hidden cost! Just reminded myself on how lucky I was to get away with such a cheap deal heheheh :x

SO this is the final outcome of the utility box! AND YES MY HOUSE PHONE IS OUT OF THE BOX FINALLY!!!!!

Not to worry, after the job completion, for customer assurance, he did a DOUBLE testing using a network cable tester first and then once the installation is up (as shown in the above photo) we accessed the wired internet connection using our PC. And yes, he only collects payment and left only when everything was working perfectly fine! At the same time, he even gave us a one year warranty!! 

I can't help but to say it again...... CHEAP AND GOOD SERVICE WHERE TO FIND?!?!?!?! 

HAHAHAH sorry for being so naggy but well, ultimately I hope I can allow any owner, who is as confused as me before on what is this conversion of data point is about, can understand and benefit from it! :) 

Oh yes, lastly, how to get contact with XtremeNetworking! You may wish to fill up this form  and they will get back to you! And perhaps, you MAY get group purchase under your BTO if they are having any promotions, just have to check with them!! 


  1. Hi Shannel,

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  2. Hi Shannel,
    Very eager to know where you got that shelving in the last pic of your blog.. Looking forward to your sharing..